Randy Becker Bio

Until the year 2000, Randy Becker was best known as an actor, for his starring role in the Tony Award-winning play on Broadway, LOVE! VALOUR! COMPASSION! (w/ Nathan Lane), and the critically acclaimed Fine Line Feature film of the same name (w/ Jason Alexander).  While on stage, he won an Obie Award and a Drama League Award. In addition to countless plays in New York and around the country, Randy’s experience in front of the camera ranged from major studio film like SABRINA (Harrison Ford) to niche indie hits like Miramax’s LIE DOWN WITH DOGS, major tv franchises like NYPD BLUE to short-lived series like KAREN SISCO and SHOWTIME’S BEGGARS AND CHOOSERS (and a whole lot in between).

In 2000, Randy formed the production company, Louder Films. He produced the sold-out run of Tennessee Williams’ play, Tiger Tail (NYC Premiere), then a film that he co-directed and starred in as well, EZEKIEL.  It won awards and much critical acclaim, screening at prestigious festivals such as the Cannes Film Festival, and began a career change for Randy.

In 2003, after a successful career as a professional working actor, Randy began two simultaneous business journeys, leaving acting for good.

Randy Becker Studios
began as a place for the actors Randy had been coaching throughout his own career to have a place to come and ‘work out’.   It quickly grew into a small school offering intensive scene study in a way that most actors had not been exposed to.  Instead of the classes being about the method of teaching, the tools for actors to use or really anything having to do with acting, scene study classes at Randy Becker Studios were never about acting at all.  They were about accessing one’s imagination to actually live in the imaginary world that the writer had created; to have actual human experiences…on cue.  Actors took to this invasive, yet dogmatic approach to truthful and effective storytelling, and additional courses were added to accommodate the growing numbers of students and the varied needs they came in with.

At the same time, Randy partnered with a producer and his former acting manager to form Acuna Entertainment, a literary management and film/tv production company. AE was essentially two companies; a literary management company and a film/ tv production company with the shared mission of transitioning writers to filmmakers. Producing select client-originated material, AE gave its literary clients a chance to direct their own films, often marking their directorial debut.  AE did this for several of its literary clients beginning with TOUCHED, starring Jenna Elfman and ending with the largest film to date, THE GREAT BUCK HOWARD, starring John Malkovich, Emily Blunt and Tom Hanks.

In January 2009, Randy went off on his own to form NexTv Entertainment, a production comp any with the mission of finding cutting-edge produced content from around the web (and around the world) to be repackaged for mainstream film and television.  He’s launched his company with the NexTv Web Series and Short Film Competition, currently accepting submissions (www.nextventertainment.com)


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